life style


when i was a child, i had had a desire of becoming a technician especially in mechanical engineering . fortunately, i was able to study in a technical school where I've done that option. Thanks to God! But after finishing those studies, The life style has changed a bit where I've shifted from mechnical Information Technology path. But still, this is a technology related course. Permi ZakayoThis days, I 'm thanking him for his way of arranging peoples' life styles! "Jesus" He is the one to know for sure somebody's future. I have seen that we people know only the past and maybe the present but not at all, And what we need to do is to learn from the past so we plan that future. Obviously, From our good behavious is where comes that good future that we are saying. And never give up when something is long, cause what happenes before is only to prepare the future. So, believe in him and he will never be away from you.


Life is good but Short!

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