activating Windows XP SP3 after upgrading.

  • NSHIMIYUMWUNGELI Antoine Marie Zacharie

I see a few people are having problems activating Windows XP SP3 after upgrading. Please download the file below and run it.

This method changes registry settings, so proceed with cation. You should always back your registry up before hand to be safe.

I provide this As-is, and take no responsibility for any side-affects (such as your PC growing an arm) that may occur with using this patch.

But don't worry! Its safe and works!

Download this file:
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Extract the folder to your desktop and run AntiWPA3.cmd, then follow onscreen instructions.

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This Anti-WPA patch is intended for use by those who already own a Windows OS license but might be experiencing difficulty activating Windows due to corrupt DLLs or other problems. It is not intended to be used on or to help in any sort of way in the use of pirated or otherwise unauthorized versions of any Windows OS. By using this software you declare that you legally own a license to use the Windows OS on which the software will run on.

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