What are disadvantages of using KMSPICO for activating Windows 8.1 instead of a real activation?

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  1. KMSpico do NOT deprive users from getting any kind of update from Microsoft. Your PC will be ideal and will function exactly same like Genuine copy of Windows. You will be enjoying all the features of a genuine window without any problem. Also it is not going to block your antivirus/defender. In fact after few updates windows defender itself blocks KM activation. you just need to turn off your defender while activating OS using KMSpico. Once activation is done you can uninstall KMSpico. *
  2. You may need to re-activate your window again and again after some interval of time that may be 3 months or 6 months, because Microsoft keeps upgrading their security which is not blocked by KMSpico. Once re-activated, it will keep working, until next security update regarding activation is received from Microsoft .*
  3. Talking about malware threats, it depends upon the website you are using to download it. KMSPico itself do not contains any potentially harmful virus/malware (However many antivirus/defender software will detect it as malware because it is ILLEGAL to activate window using any third party software, but it will not harm your PC). Now a days a lot of third party website makes you available with this software. They may ask you to install another software to let you access the download link to KMSpico. Thus you need to select a good website. *
  4. The only Problem I found with KMSPico is -IT IS ILLEGAL. Thus I would never suggest using it. Neither, I am promoting this software. I would suggest you to use genuine copy of window to support the work done by developers inside Microsoft and to keep yourself out of any legal issue.
  5. If you are not able to pay the cost for purchasing a genuine window, then you must prefer to use an Open Source Operating systems like UBUNTU (or any other Linux distributions ) . Some people think that Ubuntu like OS are difficult to use as compared to windows. But once you start using it, you will find it less complicated than window. You may come across bugs, but there are thousands of developer working around the community to resolve that bug.
  6. There is no official website or publication related to this software. As windows keeps updating itself(changing the way it works), If this thing messes up with your windows(develops a bug), then there is no place you can go for support, hence it is not a good choice over real activation.

    *The above stated points are based on my findings, while testing this software. The results may differ from user to user, based on version/builds of windows and other specs.
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