How To - Obtain Your Facebook UserID number

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How To - Obtain Your Facebook UserID number

As many of you are fully aware, facebook finally implemented friendly usernames that makes it substantially easier for friends to find us (and circulate links to our facebook profiles). However, applications still are based upon facebook userID's. I wanted to write a quick little note that tells someone how to find their facebook userID number if they should ever need it.

This works for now ... it may not in the future.

To obtain your Facebook User ID # ...
1) Right Click on the friends link on your profile page
2) Copy Link Address
(this will be slightly different based upon which browser you use)
3) Paste the address somewhere (notepad for example)

From your Mafia Wars Home Page, you can also get your Facebook User ID. If you do not currently have your "status" set, there will be a little blue box saying "Give Mafia Wars Permission". Clicking it will make your "status link" appear.You can obtain your Facebook UserID number from your Mafia Wars "status invite" link.

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