What to do if somebody steals your IP address

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What to do if somebody steals your IP address

Most of us might or might not know that an IP address can be stolen, hacked and used for ineligible activities over the net. After all there’s some way to see whether or not the IP address has been stolen or not. We will compare our IP addresses with our home addresses. A bit like our home address is used for delivering the packets on the correct place, equally the IP address is used for delivering right data packets at the correct place. Though no one, not even your ISP will know what internet activities you’re doing. Affirmative however they will trace the activities of the general public IP address- the one that is used by the router for internet access. And if any unpleasant activities are occurring using your IP your ISP would possibly contact you or warn you to prevent any criminal activity, even though you’re not doing them.

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As said earlier the general public IP address will be simply found on the net. Your general location and your ISP will be simply found. Your ISP may assume it as yours, and can do so if ordered.

Below are few prospects through that you’ll be able to suspect that something fishy is going on:

• It’s possible that your members of the family or your roommates could be using you home network that has a similar IP address. If not you then they may be doing something ineligible, wittingly or inadvertently. The simplest answer is to possess a close discussion with them concerning what’s going wrong and instruct them clearly to prevent such activities, if something suspicious is found.

• It’s quite possible that somebody around your house will hack your Wi-Fi network’s password and using it without your consent. You’ll be able to merely change the password of your Wi-Fi network and stop any ineligible factor happen. This can also facilitate in tightening your router’s security.

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• As shortly as your ISP starts giving notice concerning any criminal activity happening from your IP address that you’ve not done; you’ll be able to suspect that your IP address has been stolen. You’ll be able to raise them merely to produce you a new IP address.

• You can even confine mind that principally domestic ISP use the dynamic IP address; which suggests that the ISP can keep dynamic your IP address from time to time. If there’s any variety of grievances from the ISP you’ll be able to inform hem the period that you’ve used that IP address.

• It’s also possible that somebody close to or remote could be hoaxing your IP address. The answer is straightforward, simply contact your ISP and raise them for a new one. If they co-operate any criminal activity will be stopped and also the downside will be solved.

You can also unplugging your electronic equipment for 20-25 minutes and begin it to get a new IP address, you’ll be able to check you IP before and when to check whether or not it’s modified or not at whatismyip.com. But there’s no such massive ineligible or weird activity which might be done by stealing your IP address therefore there’s nothing to stress a lot of.

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