How to Auto Shutdown your computer using command

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Auto shutdown of pc is basically a handy need particularly, once user left their laptop computer for disk fragmentation, virus scan, downloading vast stuff like picture show, or the other document that consumes ton of your time or the other activity that typically don’t need users time or users attention. So, in such things, it’s higher to use machine shot command for shut down of the pc.

Leaving the private pc or laptop computer idle connecting to the web for an evening is an open invite to the virus or to the Trojan horses to invade your laptop computer. So, it’s necessary to shutdown pc once finishing the higher than mentioned activities.

So, there are some steps that assist you within the auto shutdown of the pc by using the prompt command. Here are the steps for the auto shutdown of the computer:

  • Click the start button. This can be an awfully start. Within the step, you simply ought to click the start button.
  • After clicking the start button, search engine appears on the screen. The issue that you should the second step is to type the “cmd” into the search engine box. This can be the second step of the auto shutdown method of the pc.
  • As soon as the command is highlighted, press enter key. This can be the third step within the method.

After doing therefore, black background appears on the screen. Now, the users ought to type the code within the cubicle. Always check that, the codes that you simply have typewritten within the prompt box is correct, if you typewritten wrong code then trick will not work at all.

For example:
If you want to shut down your laptop computer, say after one hour then the code may be used in this way:

shutdown.exe /s /t 3600

In this method, you’ll use auto shutdown computer command and shut down your computer as and once required.

Additional tip:

Here are some further tips that ought to continuously be detain mind by the user of the computer whereas using the auto shutdown command; that are as follows:

  • Always pay attention regarding spacing whereas writing code within the cubicle.
  • Use comma or dot in an acceptable manner.
  • Always pay attention regarding the units of the time. As you have got seen within the higher than example, time is used in seconds. So, continuously keep in mind, use quantity in seconds. If you type time in minute or in hour then code wouldn’t work
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