How to Unlock android Phone Lock Pattern without factory Reset

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How to Unlock android Phone Lock Pattern without factory Reset

Pattern lock may be a useful tool to secure your android phone. This lock is vital to secure your sensitive files and knowledge from the guest users. However the difficulty starts after you forget your settled pattern; it might be irritating after you won’t be able to use your phone thanks to this issue. We all know you need to be looking for the solution to the present necessary question, “How to unlock android phone pattern lock without factory reset”. This tutorial can assist you to unlock your phone using your Google account.

The new devices sometimes have built in unlock patterns, that is simple to use however when several wrong attempt it locks for good. Once it happens, you have got to use your ID that you just use in your Google Play store to unlock that forgotten pattern. However there’s a problem with this technique if you’re not connected to the internet then you’ll not be able to unlock your phone using this technique.
However, you don’t have to be compelled to worry regarding, during this tutorial you’ll find out how to unlock and reset your android device just in case you have got forgotten your phone’s pattern. Follow the given steps and obtain your work eluded paying any price to the specialists.

  1. Unlock Pattern with Google Account

When we try and unlock our phone using wrong patterns, a message seems with 2 options “next” and “try again”.

Step 1. Go with the “next” wherever you’ll be able to see 2 options to unlock your phone, one is to answer the safety question, and also the alternative is to supply Google account details.

Step 2. If you have settled your security question, answer it and obtain your phone unlocked quickly. On the other hand, if you didn’t set security question you’d need to give your Google account details.

Step 3. When using this method, you’ll be able to select a replacement pattern to use for ensuing time.

y following above methods, you’ll be able to unlock android phone pattern lock without factory reset. Happy using your android device! We hardly prefer this way to unlock your phone, it helps you to avoid necessary data loss and saves your time.

  1. Unlock Patternwhile not Google Account

Step 1. Switch off your smartphone and wait for a minute while switched off

Step 2. Press Volume up key+ Home key + Power Button; hold these buttons till the phone boots. (If your device doesn’t contain ‘home’ button merely hold alternative 2 buttons)

Step 3. Once your phone can boot, the screen can seem with completely different options

Step 4. Now scroll down the screen using volume key and select “Restore factory Defaults” or “Delete all User Data” reckoning on the options shown by your device.

Step 5. After the above settings, select the “Reboot System Now” and wait for your phone to reboot

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