How much bandwidth does facebook's server require?

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For hosting a website like facebook, how many Mbits/sec would you expect to require?

Update: I am asking this question for pure curiosity. I have been contemplating running a web-server out of my house and I was wondering how much bandwidth I'd need. I thought an interesting way to measure this is to see how much the most busy website i could think of might use. I am contemplating creating a dating website. My house has limited upload bandwidth of only 1.0 mbps on a static VDSL2.0 line. I'd imagine a site like youtube uses a ton of bandwidth.

Best Answer: Facebook is the third busiest web site in the world, just behind Google and Yahoo.

Sites this large go well beyond simple megabit ratings.

For instance, Facebook is actually hundreds of servers, running in multiple data centers. If all of Facebooks traffic came in through one entry point, it would probably be well over 100Mbps. Fortunately, taking the granular approach they have, each node is probably under 20Mbps.

Another thing they do to cut down on traffic is something called a CDN, or Content Delivery Network. ISPs learned a while back that the issue isn't so much bandwidth as delivery. CDNs switched to a model where companies pay for delivery, not bandwidth. Companies like Facebook pay their ISP $0.25 to deliver one gigabyte of data, regardless of how much bandwidth it takes.

The only flaw with CDNs is that they only work with static files like pictures, videos and applications. They do not work with dynamic data.

Facebook is distributed, and mixes multiple servers and CDNs. Because of this, their bandwidth use is probably below that of a site a third of their size.

Is your question academic, or are you trying to gauge how much bandwidth you might actually use?

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